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WordPress-Ecommerce-ShopSite. How do I connect the dots?

August 3rd, 2012

WordPress, what is it really? WordPress is known technically as a Content Managed Systems or “CMS”. The CMS market is heating up and you may wonder weather you should jump on WordPress or some other CMS to add or replace your website.

The key element of a CMS tool is to save you time in updating your website. Afterall, most CEO’s and Marketing guys cannot stand waiting for the web or programmer to get the time to update what you feel is hot off the presses.

Did you know that some Shopping Carts have most of the CMS qualities that a WordPress doe? If built properly, some shopping carts will run and allow you to update your site, similar to a WordPress tool.

WordPress Special – Free WordPress Shopping Cart plugin for 90 days Contact us for details


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New ShopSite Features For Customers

June 12th, 2012

ShopSite 11 SP2 upgrade includes these features:

•    Wordpress Integration
•    Product Reviews (Pro only)
•    Order History Reordering. Registered shoppers can now reorder from their Order History (Pro only)
•    XML Upload/Download Customer Registration DataProduct Line Item Consolidation
•    Minicart Improvement
•    Customer Tax Exemption
•    Email Notification of New Registered Customers
•    Drag and Drop for Sub products
•    Additional Mobile Support for
•    Advanced Ordering Options

See Full List of Feature Enhancements

Contact us for the your upgrade now.

Eric Kirkhuff / Director of Sales /YourHost.com714 842-8511 x 115

Who’s first to roll out the new version? – I think Microsoft made us cautious in this area. With that said, is typically the first of the ShopSite partners to roll out new featuresets only after they have been fully tested. This makes for happy customers.


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ShopSite 11.x Pro adds Facebook Ecommerce Plugin

August 19th, 2011

See the video and it will explain it all.  As a technical guy, it was an easy integration.

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Partners helping partners – Mike Masin of Helping

May 13th, 2011

I wanted to take the time to write about an experience had with Mike Maison of Yesterday, had a current 8year plus hosted customer that needed to update his UPS shipping code so they could perform live calculated and negotiated UPS rates for it’s customer. I contacted him and he called the next day which was awesome. We have an in-house programmer and before I turned it over to him, we were asking Mike if he could share some direction so our in-house API programmer Josh Duffy, had a solid proven starting point or direction to apply the API to our ShopSite Pro customer.

Behind the scenes – Mike was Referred the “Mr. Wonderful”,  Guy Pribyl of ShopSite. Mike graciously gave of his time to assist us with a direction to go so we could return a concise solution for our customer. In addition, Mike and would not take a compensation in exchange and has set the bar for coder ethics in a somewhat selfish “whats in it for me?” world. looks forward to returning the favor and hopes this post will return new clients to Mikes business.

Thank you Mike, Look for him in the ShopSite partner


ShopSite Top Ten Reviews Winner and what they are saying?

November 3rd, 2010

What are people saying about ShopSite from an Independent “Top Ten Review”

Click here for the  ShopSite review video

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