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TouchStream On The Go with 4G and Inverter

September 22nd, 2011 has been working on a prototype mobile solution for Live Streaming, Power, and 4G services. is a Digital Rapids TouchStream and 4G Clear dealer, allowing them to combine hardware and services in a box for churches and on-the-go organization.

This is typically what you need to bring to any event.
This was for a YWAM event in Huntington Beach, CA

Here is the start of our prototype of our
On-The-Go Streaming Package that that is now available.
Each unit is Custom quoted.

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Clear 4G, TouchStream is Live Streaming Youth With A Mission in The OC

August 23rd, 2011

Tuesday night August 22, and a Newbreed Church Planter team from Refuge Huntington Beach and Refuge Long Beach got together with Linda w. of YWAM Denver, and Brett Curtis of  YWAM, which is Youth With A Mission, and we started 4G remote Live Streaming Tent OC Uprising at the Hilton Hotel in Huntington Beach, California.

Tonight Friday August 26th 7-9PM in the Hyatt wedding Tent. Remember, come but be respective that the Hyatt provided this venue.


More info … The Streaming is in Flash, HTML5, iPhone / iPad, and most devices using Newbreeds Digital Rapids TouchStream unit from This experience has given the Newbreed and team insight on what the challenges and joy organizations and individuals get out of mobile streaming.

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4G Live Streaming works well with Digital Rapids TouchStream Web

August 17th, 2011

Our tests with Clear 4G, a partner, have been fantastic. We just had enough time to post these photos.








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Remote Live TouchStream Solutions with Clear 4G

June 10th, 2011 is now Clear 4G Dealer setup to assist our Digital Rapids TouchStream Customers. The Clear 4G allows our TouchStream customers to move about in the 4G Coverage area, creating Live Stream Events with speeds of 1mb up and 5 down. Our team has personally tested the 4G RJ 45 connected modem with and without wireless capabilities.

As a product of our testing the Clear 4G system in many environments, including office and remote, with data and VOIP office with personal Phone systems, and are very pleased with it’s performance. As a result of our findings, we can now recommend a great VOIP Phone system to use with the Clear 4G system. Call us for information and how we can get a Clear 4G in your hands along with a killer VOIP phone system. and Clear 4G DevicesThis means that you can go remote, stream a 400-500kbps stream, and have enough room for a VOIP phone or surf the net without hosing the stream. It is brilliant. For as little as $45-52/mo. you can have this at your fingertips.



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