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Launch Now vs. Pre-Launch Beta – Misunderstood Creatives

July 26th, 2014

If you are a Developers, Deisgner, or pgrammer, you are considered “the cream of the crop” when it comes to producing web solutions and I feel are misunderstood. Understanding who You are and “What makes YOU Tick” is as important as “What makes Owners and Company CEO’s”, like me tick.

I am speaking of the differences in the approach of Tech vs. Entrepreneur.  In a nutshell, the Entrepreneur  wants to turn an idea into a “thing”, and launch sooner than later, “beat the market”. The designer or programmer wants to “perfect” the project and hold off the launch until they feel it is ready. In reference to the creation or facelift of a website, this prograstination or delay can kill a company and progress.

The request to “get it launched now at all costs!” can tend piss-off or upset the programmer or creative person. The key to when to launch is to make concessions and launch Somewhere in the middle of the project, make it live beta. The Entrepreneur, right or wrong, is steering the shipo and probably driving the project. The Entrepreneur he has his Vision / pulse or both of what the needs of the company are, and programmers and designers tend to be in their way of that goal.

Michael Hyatt,  a highly respected publishing and marketing pro that has managed some of the largest publishing companies and has researched this topic. He wrote the awesome article in the link below. After reading the articcle, I then researched and found similar supporting articles that supported his article.

This got me to think about how we work with our, creatives, or clients, and the owners of companies. So, I started reading more about this and finding more and more people get frustrated with the permenant beta syndrome. In a nutshell, “Creatives can your can perfect themselves out of a job if there not careful” The problem is that the CEO or manager does not realize that the new person taking their place will have 10times more work catching up to style of the previoius creative. If I have learned one thing about CEO’s, Owners, and Programmers, and Designers, both are creatures of habit. Creatives tend to have egos that need to be understood and put in check. I know this is hard to swallow if a creative is reading this, but that is what it boils down to.

This article is designed to allow Creatives and owners to step outside your “Confort Zone”. It is critical that we take heed in the approach to creative process. How long do we wait? How we can not launch certain site elements and still launch.
I am guilty as charged that I have and will still say – “Anything appears better than what we currently have, Lets Launch now, today” and we can fix it as we go, but GET IT LAUNCHED.

This is creitical for you to read this short blog post from top to bottom, and it might just help us all understand each other better.

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Hosting Invoice – Domain Renewal Letter is a SCAM

November 20th, 2012

It seems like it is 1999 all over again. Some of our customers and others we have spoken to are getting the Official looking Hosting Service bills and DNS or Domain Renewal or Domain change letters in the mail. Back in the day, this was a big problem and it appears the SCAM is cycling again.

NEVER renew a domain or even send money for Hosting Services from a letter you get in the mail or from a phone call. 98% of the time they are a SCAM

. Many of these letters are asking for you to sign and pay or sign, or just pay a hosting services or domain renewal and submit it back to them. The ones that are just asking for you to send money in for a bogus hosting service that sounda close to your current service or even mention your website name, is typically bogus. Once paid, your money is gone, you will never see that money again…it’s gone.

Some of these letters are so Official looking that you figure you should respond anyway. What some people do not do is read the small print or how it is worded, allowing them to TAKE control of your domain and lose it.

Find a company that  uses Domain Locking on all the domains it is in control of for no additional fees. This prevents random domain stealing. Check to see if your domain is locked and know who your domain Registrant really is. 

Not Sure who your hosting with or how holds the keys to your domain? Call your hosting company. Call if  they cannot answer the questions, regardless if you are a customer or not and our Technicians will help determine the validity of the letter and who is your real host and controlling registrant, like Tucows,, NetworkSolutions, enom, Godaddy, etc.

E – Staff 714 842-8511 Option 2 support

Sample of the Fraud Specimen

DNS Hosting Scam Invoice

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September 10th, 2012

Today, Monday September 10th, 2012, Godaddy DNS servers got hacked and Millions of GoDaddy customers websites and emails just stopped dead in their tracks.

As a rule, I have the utmost respect for IT services teams in most companies, especially when it is a large company like GoDaddy, as they have setup layers of  security and redundancies,  and still they get hacked.

I have empathy for the GoDaddy team and it appears that no entity is safe when it comes to politics and just plain pissed off groups that want to make a point at the expense of others.

It is sad the world we live in and I only hope that GoDaddy gets back on line and resumes its customers services.

CBS News Article

Eric Kirkhuff / CEO /

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Case Study Live Streaming TouchStream Ontario Veterinary College

May 13th, 2011


In February Digital Rapids announced that The Hill’s Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre at the Veterinary College at the University of Guelph uses 20 TouchStream appliances

for streaming and archiving video for students to review. TouchStream’s ability to stream and archive at the same time means veterinary students can remotely watch procedures
live or view them on demand later.This case study goes into further detail on The Center’s deployment of TouchStream and looks more closely at the practical and educational benefits
TouchStream has brought them.”TouchStream allows us to meet the learning objectives we’ve set out for our students and to expand our influence in veterinary medicine globally.”

Full Case Study RapidUsers_University_of_Guelph

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Want to speed up the process of Brainstorming an idea or concept?

March 16th, 2011

Try this brainstorming software that will work on PC or Mac