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November 11th, 2010

I am glad that I canceled my 14 day Free Trial.  I have been sick in bed for a few days and I wanted to learn some information that would be useful to my position as Technical Sales for One of my pet peeves is to waste time and see others waste time.

Sometimes I buy from Amazon and other well known audio places just because they typically make everything pretty user friendly.  I was linked and referred by a I knew of a book on Marketing I would like to hear but was wary of how it would load into my phone or just download and play,  but they wanted $7.95 to join, and then I stumbled upon a 14 day trial. The flow of signing up was not clear (my first clue) , so I jumped on a chat with a nice person from Audible and she showed me the link to sign up as they were not showing you anything until you put your Credit Card Info in.

I asked if you put your CC info there would be no charge for the first 14 days and what happened after that. She said it would be $14.95/mo. I said what happened to the $7.95? That is not there, it is $14.95. I also asked if the book was downloaded, can I get it easily to my iPhone and they said sure it will go into Itunes and you can get it on your phone. Wrong.

Ok so being sick I wanted to see what they had to offer and I downloaded a free book on marketing. I listened to half of it the first day and today I listened to part of the 2nd half, and I heard the guy talking about faxes and other things well made me want to check the publishing date to make sure I was getting the freshest information.  Publishing date 1994 …Really?

I saved two screen shots so you could see for yourself that I did not make any of this up.

The bottom line is if your going to offer something for free to entice for a long-term relationship, make it worthwhile that is current and can be used.

In summary, difficult to work with, and deceptive.

There were other reasons I cancelled but this was what irritated me the most.

P.S. I could not get the file onto my phone and so I downloaded the app from ITunes and I logged into’s app and saw the file, but the download was disabled…. that did it, so I listened to it on my laptop….grrr

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Tell your customer service experiences whereever you are

February 26th, 2010

People want to hear about customer service experiences so put in ones that you may encountered, especially your technical experiences.

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