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August 20th, 2014




This challenge is for two causes and I took the challenge from Barry Waters of Wales, ALS, know as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and

Most of you are getting tired of these challenges and have no idea why they are doing it for. It’s a fun social way of getting others to help causes so don’f lose sight that and give to the cause of your choice.
Every time you post and donate, it helps your cause socially and financially.

I called out my son Robbie Kirkhuff, best friend, Steve Gibbs, and the CEO of Edgecast / Verizon, our Streaming Business Partner.

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Letter from the President

October 30th, 2012

Since Monday night October 29th, 2012, our team at stands vigil to the citizens to the eastern seaboard.

The unprecedented natural disaster, displacement, death, destruction, and loss that is “uncommentable”. Having personally been in the middle of a natural disaster, this is not a short term thing. It will be going go on for many months looking forward.

None of understands why these things happen. One thing for sure: that our people as a city, state, nation are strong will stretch themselves again, and pull ourselves UP by it’s bootstraps.

We have several customers in the affected areas, including some of our competitors, which we will pray to the Lord for their well being and safety and willingness bonding as a community that pulls together.

How can you help? Donate directly to the Red Cross Text $$ donations To: 90999  put the words Red Cross in the send box. Text Visual image

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Review on Sony Robotic Camera and Streaming tools

August 8th, 2012

In the last year there is allot of buzz in the church community about Live Streaming in HD…. going to HD.  Typically, you will start with a new camera! STOP, there are more cost effective ways to appear to have HD with what you are currently using now.

If you have not had the pleasure of using Wirecast software, I strongly nudge you to look into it.  You can get a free trial download and don’t miss out on our 5% discount coupon code when you decide to buy.

There are many online services that are NOT using HD cameras but are able to enhance the signal enough to look better than it was, hence a kind of HD. I know, I did not believe it myself until I started investigating it. I might just be able to save your Church or Organization some dollars until they gather all the funds for a the actual HD upgrade. Even then, you should not see a significant improvement from the low budget Enhanced H implementation.


Looking for a step up with an outrageous HD robotic camera?  Recently, we went to Calvary Chapel Westgrove and saw this little puppy in action.

Ultra small robotic cameras are now what is being replaced with clunky systems. The robotic part is the number one failure point, but this little gem is like the Toyota of robotic and camera combo devices.

I am referring to the Sony BRC-Z330 approx $4,200-$4,500 (HD and other options) and the remote controller RM-BR300  $1,300.

Together they are about $5,600, but they will cover a huge area and are quite and easy to install. The camera is so quick and the remote acts as a video switcher so it is very very nice compact and user friendly.









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Calvary Chapel Skyline is now Live Streaming with

July 24th, 2012

Calvary Chapel Skyline

Calvary Chapel Skyline Church went Live this week. We traveled onsite out to help Manuel Olivas, Sr. Pastor for . It did not take much because this pastor and his son knows what he is doing both technically and spiritually.

I had lunch with Pastor Olivas and met his wonderful staff. They are a mighty group that looks like they are feeding their community. We look forward to seeing what doors the Live Streaming will bring them.

Stay tuned,



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Is our Church required to pay ASCAP directly?

May 20th, 2012

We had some inquiries about live streaming worship songs and music. People spit hairs over this stuff and here are some links and information you will find to follow the letter of the law.


ASCAP "We Create Music"

ASCAP a Specific link to Christian Media References

The official ASCAP Big Brother managers

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