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Partners helping partners – Mike Masin of ATStuff.com Helping

I wanted to take the time to write about an experience YourHost.com had with Mike Maison of ATStuff.com. Yesterday, YourHost.com had a current 8year plus hosted customer that needed to update his UPS shipping code so they could perform live calculated and negotiated UPS rates for it’s customer. I contacted him and he called the next day which was awesome. We have an in-house programmer and before I turned it over to him, we were asking Mike if he could share some direction so our in-house API programmer Josh Duffy, had a solid proven starting point or direction to apply the API to our ShopSite Pro customer.

Behind the scenes – Mike was Referred the “Mr. Wonderful”,  Guy Pribyl of ShopSite. Mike graciously gave of his time to assist us with a direction to go so we could return a concise solution for our customer. In addition, Mike and would not take a compensation in exchange and has set the bar for coder ethics in a somewhat selfish “whats in it for me?” world.

YourHost.com looks forward to returning the favor and hopes this post will return new clients to Mikes business.

Thank you Mike, Look for him in the ShopSite partner


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