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Pinterest, Gaining Social E-commerce Traction?

September 24th, 2012

In recent years, social e-commerce has been rapidly evolving. We are constantly being bombarded with new information and by nature of “overload-protection”, we tend to discount or delay the review of these new social tools until they become mainstream.

Today’s business marketing, specifically in the e-commerce climate takes multiple ways to effectively market your products or services and a essential part of marketing are social tool.

For example you may devote the following percentages – 15% Emails, 2% FB, 5% Blog, 4% Twitter, 2% RSS, 3% Forum,
and now Pinterest?

Keep your social antennas up at all times and quantify what works for you, along with how much time and resources you need to devote to Emails, Facebook, Blogs, Video media, YouTube, Twitter, etc. They are becoming vital parts of the marketing picture. Some or all will work for you and some are a complete waste of time and resources. Some of these tools are now a part of the cost of doing business.

Pinterest, the brainchild of, Ben Silbermann, born into a family of doctors in the Mid West ((Des Monies, Iowa) , influenced by his childhood hobby of pinning insects and bugs of all kinds on a piece of cardboard, drying them, tagging them, and putting them in shadow boxes. Sound familiar? …it should it is the basis of Pinterest pinning

Pinterest, on the outside looks like a new flavor of “Instagram”, but it is much more than that under the hood. Pinterest has devised a better way to organize what I would call “Visual Emotions Commerce”.  According to Fast Company Magazine, currently, 80% of Pinterest users are influential Women buyers, but that is also changing as it imbeds itself into the mainstream.

Across the web, the average sale resulting from a Pinterest user following an image back to its source and then buying the item is a $180 sale, according to research from the e-commerce firm RichRelevance, compared with $80 for FaceBook users and $70 for Twitter users.

In short, Pinterest has been well thought out and is a place where one can relate emotionally-charged images and thread them into an e-commerce conversions. 

New ShopSite Pinterest Feature for Customers!


Pinterest is great for sharing recipes, fashion trends, gifting ideas, decorating ideas and so forth.  It does this by “pinning” to your Pinterest page a photo of, say, the finished dish for a recipe, thereby sharing it.

ShopSite Ecommerce, hosted by has Pinterest integration, along with Facebook and WordPress, and other social integrations.

To web savvy person can place HTML code on your pages for Facebook “Like” buttons or Twitter “Tweet” buttons.  If you are using ShopSite v11 sp2, then from within ShopSite you can tell it to automatically put the “follow me on Pinterest” image on your pages and the “Pin it” button on your More Info (product) pages.  To enable these buttons, go to Merchandising > Social Media > Pinterest.  Once there, you’ll get the configuration screen (shown below) to select what you want.


Streaming Media and it’s Role

More and more products have demo or visual videos, some from YouTube, and some hosted on a CDN like I think both are necessary. YouTube keeps it social, and in-house media keeps it more professional and predicable. See the 3 reasons to be cautious with YouTube.

You were asking for more HTML5 ready adaptive skins and here they are … See them here

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Calvary Chapel Skyline is now Live Streaming with

July 24th, 2012

Calvary Chapel Skyline

Calvary Chapel Skyline Church went Live this week. We traveled onsite out to help Manuel Olivas, Sr. Pastor for . It did not take much because this pastor and his son knows what he is doing both technically and spiritually.

I had lunch with Pastor Olivas and met his wonderful staff. They are a mighty group that looks like they are feeding their community. We look forward to seeing what doors the Live Streaming will bring them.

Stay tuned,



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Remote Live Streaming with TouchStream & Clear 4G

November 7th, 2011

Live Streaming Products from

October 27th, 2010