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What is TouchStream’s Broadcast Manager?

October 20th, 2011

Broadcast Manager is a network deployed farm that controls multiple systems with encoding nodes on them. The Broadcast Manager Server software is free and just requires a dedicated system that is not an encoder to run on. Each encoding resource needs to have a Broadcast Manager license in order to be controlled by the Broadcast Manager Server software.

Instead of having Transcoding Engines licensed, Broadcast Manager licenses the DRC cards within each system. Typically there is a single DRC card in each BM Agent. The Broadcast Manager Server is then used to schedule live streaming/encoding events through a single interface which also offers confidence monitoring of all active projects.

Broadcast Manager also offers a scalable encoder failover redundancy that can even control certain supported routers for input signal routing if/when a failover occurs. Broadcast Manager can be used to control any of our encoding solutions running Stream FE or Stream Live software.

This is a link to the main Broadcast Manager page that gives an overview of the solution and what specific purpose it can fulfill in certain workflows:


As far as the hardware that is required to run Broadcast Manager, it simply requires a current PC to run the Broadcast Manager software. The entire solution is comprised of the Broadcast Manager server, and the Stream FE, Live or TouchStream encoders which do all the “heavy lifting” or encoding of video.

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