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YourHost.com Invited to Calvary Pastors Conference Murrieta, California 2011

June 13th, 2011

We were so well received by these pastors. It was a real treat for us to serve them coffee and spend time learning of their needs and help them with the Social Technologies that will keep their congregations plugged-in. We had a raffle for a Kindle, external hard drive, and a few other electronic items that Pastors would not ordinarily buy on their own.

Our presence was to enlighten the churches awareness and importance of social media tools such as email marketing, Live Streaming Services, and how they can implement them to attract the much needed younger members to keep the church fresh and active.  YourHost.com understands that Streaming is a key element for Church and Church planters, like Newbreed who we support, a proponent of  growth needs the Youth for growth. The youth is actively online. Our First Church plant Stream setup for $1,500 (camera, computer, monitor)  first step,  was Pastor Mark Convoy, Calvary Flagler Beach, Florida.

Today, you will never attract people to your church by expecting them to walk in the door.  The use of Social Media to have an ongoing conversation with both the Youth and the 40 something and above using Facebook and Twitter so they can  connect their, kids,  grand kids, and the church via  Live Streaming.

Live Streaming allows a people to anonymously to check out the church, its pastor, and sermons all about without stepping foot in the door. If they like what they hear, they might ask friends or online questions, or even walk through that door. (keep the conversation going). Think about the viral and networking impact by virtually reaching out to the sick, injured, and spiritual needy by Live streaming into the home, to any Country. One of our most Socially active and successful Churches is Calvary Chapel, Lexington South Carolina, Pastor John Hoppe, and brilliantly Webmastered by media director, Joe Scott.

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